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Which Women Have Arrived?

16 Feb

I recently attended the Regional Diversity Roundtable’s event “It’s 2015: Which Women have Arrived?

It was an interesting and thought-provoking evening. One of the speakers was Sandeep Tatla – Chief Diversity Officer from the Ontario College of Trades. Here were a few statistics Sandeep shared:

  • Women are still overrepresented in traditional female occupations (teaching, nursing, health) – many of these are underpaid professions.
  • Women still make 12-31.5% less than their male counterparts.
  • Despite being about half the population, and being about 53% of university graduates (since the 1980s), women continue to be under-represented in higher management positions (37.4% of lower managers, 31.6% of senior managers) and in STEM (22.3%) and trades (12%).
  • In all sectors, less than 50% of leadership positions are filled by women.

None of these statistics are surprising, nor is the fact that women are under-represented in leadership positions across sectors. But what did surprise me is the extent to which some women are more under-represented than others – specifically  women who are also visible minority women, women with disabilities, Aboriginal women, and women who identify as LGBTQ.

I feel like I’m reliving the Oscars debate…

Leadership clearly still has a gender.
But it also has a white, able bodied, heterosexual, (and probably slim) body.

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In the Wake of Nelson Mandela’s Death

13 Dec

There are many things I could write about this week:

How the sign language fiasco at Nelson Mandela’s memorial is an example of how bias keeps us from recognizing or acknowledging issues that for some people are so very vital.

How the stigma of mental illness keeps it in the shadows, and prevents people from accessing information, support and help – and is another example of how bias can isolate.

How a handshake between Obama and Castro show us that moments of humanity and connection can help to build bridges – if we let them. And how determined some are to not let them.

Mostly this week I have wondered if my daughter and her generation will ever see a leader like Nelson Mandela in their lifetime. Someone who stood for, and fought for, human rights, dignity and freedom, who had such integrity and character, and who was so genuine and humble. Someone who did so much, at such a great cost, for his people and what he believed in.

I fear they won’t.

I hope I’m wrong.

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