Conscious Communication

15 Apr

There is so much room for the insidiously undermining power of assumptions and bias to “take us out” of connection with people – in intimate relationships, in any relationship.

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Kelly Blaser about this, as part of her Conscious Communication Summit. The interview aired yesterday. You can listen to all of the interviews here.

What comes to mind is how separate assumptions keep us, and the magic that happens when we break through them and really see each other. Doing this requires some commitment – to notice our assumptions and bias, to recognize it and to mitigate it – but the rewards are great. Can we ever get rid of our bias Kelly asked me? As much as I’d like to say yes, I’m not sure. Awareness certainly can grow, and the more aware we are the more choice we have in how we react, respond, and relate. The key is what we DO with our awareness, and how we challenge our biases.

Most of my work is in organizations, helping to create more inclusive spaces where people are seen, valued and acknowledged for who they are and what they bring. But inclusion is important in any space – in family, in partnership, in community, in school….

We all want to belong, to be seen, to be heard – to matter.

Challenging ourselves to see more – to recognize that what or who we are seeing is OUR perspective not THE perspective allows us to start seeing more. And when we do that, our heart opens and we can connect. And that’s when the magic starts.

Thank you Kelly Blaser for the opportunity to think about my work in a more expansive way! It was an honour.

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