“A girl is a girl”

14 Oct

The Girl Guides of Canada – one of the oldest organizations serving girls in this country – are now officially welcoming transgender girls and women to the fold. Hooray!

You can read more about it in the Huffington Post article, but a few things bear special mention here.

The organization has been working on this for a while – responding to the increased awareness about gender identity as well as requests from parents and girls. They have created a set of guidelines “designed to respect and accommodate all children identifying as female”.

The central guiding message is that “a girl is a girl”.
Wow. A bold and necessary step that shows their commitment to inclusion and to all girls across the country.

It’s so good to see a national organization involved in the lives of many girls across the country making an effort to understand and adapt in order to serve their demographic well. And the welcome extends to girls of all ages as well as women who want to be involved as leaders.

What this move shows is an understanding that gender is not the same as sex, and that regardless of anatomy, a transgender girl or woman is a girl or a woman. Period.

Way to go Girl Guides!

See more.

Copyright 2015 Annemarie Shrouder
Speaker, Author and Facilitator on issues of Diversity & Inclusion

Radio Show Host – Creating Families


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