Why a hijab is not a hat

3 Mar

On Friday, a judge in Quebec refused to hear a case because the woman in her courtroom was wearing a hijab.
She likened it to someone wearing a hat or sunglasses – which are not permitted. Furthermore, she is reported to have said that the woman was not “suitably dressed”.
When I heard it on the radio I had to stop the car and take a moment.

Suitably dressed?!

Let’s consider the difference:
Hats and sunglasses are fashion accessories that we choose to wear.
Some Muslim women wear hijabs (head scarves) for religious reasons – and are not permitted to remove them outside of their home.
That would, in fact, make this woman “suitably dressed”.

Why are people still experiencing discrimination for what their beliefs require them to wear?

Since Rania El-Alloul has been interviewed, many leaders (including the Prime Ministers office) have spoken out against Judge Eliana Morengo’s decision. But she hasn’t been disciplined.

What’s wrong with this picture?

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Copyright 2015 Annemarie Shrouder
Speaker and facilitator on issues of Diversity & Inclusion.


One Response to “Why a hijab is not a hat”

  1. Yolande Declercq March 4, 2015 at 9:09 am #

    Yes, this judge’s descision has, rightfully, raised many questions and reactions. I wonder: do the Quebec courts require witnesses to swear on a Bible? or…? …a religious sysmbol?

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