Blind Spot

25 Aug

I have recently read Blind Spot – Hidden Biases of Good People by Mahzarin R. Banaji and Anthony G. Greenwald and it blew my mind. I have always focused on bias when developing and delivering workshops on diversity and inclusion, because I firmly believe that it’s an important starting point for awareness in order to create meaningful change.

Turns out Banaji & Greenwald have been researching bias for decades! Too bad I didn’t find them sooner.

In any case, I’m so excited by what I have read –  and the implications – I’m going to do a series over the next several weeks to share what I’ve learned.

As an introduction – consider this: 

Our brains are efficiency machines that use known information to make quick decisions so we can get on with other things. This efficiency relies on bias. So we all have bias. And very often we have it without realizing it

Stay tuned for more!blindspot
I hope you’ll join me.


copyright 2014 Annemarie Shrouder 
Speaker & Facilitator on issues of Diversity & Inclusion


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