A Great Example of Inclusion

13 Jun

About a week ago I read part of an article in the newspaper (which I can no longer find, sadly) about a restaurant owner who had made the decision to serve Halal meat in his establishment.

He is not Muslim. But there are members of the Islamic community who live in the area of his restaurant, and he decided that serving Halal meat made sense because it would mean that his restaurant could be a choice for more people.


This is a great example of inclusion because his decision means exactly what he hoped: that more community members can enjoy his food. Without thinking. Without having to check. It makes his restaurant more accessible.

His business will likely profit from this choice.  But possibly even more important than that is the message that it sends – that all are welcome, that the needs of a variety of community members have been considered, that some of these needs have been taken into account.

Simple, right?

See more.

copyright 2013 Annemarie Shrouder
Author, Speaker and Facilitator on issues of Diversity and Inclusion.


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