The Dangers of Ignorance in Positions of Power

4 Oct

You have undoubtedly, by now, read or heard about MP Rob Anders petition against bill C279 and why he is opposed.


Let’s all take a moment to review:
– Transgender individuals currently don’t have human rights in Canada. This is a disgrace.
– Bill C279 is about rectifying this so that Trans Canadians are protected at work and where they live, have access to health care, and can learn in a safe environment. Oh, and go to the bathroom of their choice, without harassment. All basic human rights.

The bathroom issue, so often used when talking about Trans people, is ignorant an misguided (and transphobic). It also ironically misses the point that it is usually Trans people who are harassed in bathrooms, not the ones doing the harassing.

What is your company, organization or school doing to make bathrooms safe for Trans individuals?

PS – By the way, transgender men wouldn’t be using the women’s bathroom, as the article suggests. They would be using the men’s bathroom!
*sigh* we clearly have a lot of educating to do.

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Copyright 2012 Annemarie Shrouder
Speaker, Author and Facilitator on issues of Diversity and Inclusion.



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