Black History Month Rant

7 Feb

Ugh. Black History Month.

For the next 22 days, venues across the city will pack as many Black, Black-focused, Black-directed events as they can on stages, and behind podiums and microphones. For this month I can easily jam my social calendar with plays, movies, interviews, readings, musicians, etc. featuring people who look like half of my heritage. I may even have to make some tough decisions about who I really want to see on a given night.

Easily and frequently.
Not two words that come to mind for the rest of the year in terms of sussing out Black artists and contributors, or Black-focused events.

Why is that in a city as diverse as Toronto?
Oh right. Because they were booked in February.

I hate Black History month.

See more.

copyright 2012 Annemarie Shrouder
Author, speaker and facilitator on issues of diversity and inclusion


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