Ethnic Costumes

15 Apr

We’re back at WordPress!

So the Conservatives invited multicultural groups to come to a photo op in Ethnic Costumes!Wow. I’m speechless…but not really.

Besides the flap about being used for political gain, the question on my mind is “Ethnic costumes? Really people? Are we still using words like this?!”

I would love to see the list of multicultural community groups the Conservative Party chose to send this email to. Who, in their opinion, would bring some “ethnic flair” to their photo op? And how ethnic would the costume have to be, to be considered the right “op” for the photo?

Smells like an  obvious attempt at appearing tolerant (I use the word on purpose) and embracing of multiculturalism during an election campaign to get more votes  – after cutting funding to settlement services!

So troubling…

Which brings me to another question:  Why do people have to dress up? Isn’t it obvious we are in a multicultural country? If the word went out to community groups, and they just showed up in their everyday work clothes, wouldn’t that make a point?

Oh Conservatives…it scares me that it seems you have so much to learn….still.

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(c) Annemarie Shrouder 2011


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